Getting A Private Number Plate? Select Your Dealer Wisely

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Published: 12th April 2013
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Right now, there are actually a lot of ways you could purchase a private registration - from sites on the internet to newspapers to official DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) public auctions - and choosing where to get your number plate from could be just as overwhelming as choosing which registration number you'd like to get.

Private Number Plate dealers are another alternative when you're trying to find the perfect accessory to make your car get noticed. A lot of people often avoid looking at dealers - convinced that choosing alternative options instead appears to be a lot more official - nevertheless, this is simply not the case. Lots of dealers are typically small operations - maybe even one-man operations - and the main advantage of this could be the higher level of customer service (which can also be true of online websites and also other means of purchasing registration plates, but lots of customers would rather do business with real people when it comes to purchasing any kind of service or product they aren't well versed about).

Having a single contact is the most critical thing for a large number of people - particularly those who don't like having to deal with a enormous company with a lot of personnel. They want to deal with the same salesperson every single time, and they will want to know just what level of customer service they're going to get from that person. A number of local vendors may perhaps offer you the helpful service of actually accompanying you when you go to the DVLA office to assist with the registration transfer process or any additional queries you may have. They are able to be far more flexible in the ways they help their potential customers and will be able to offer a considerably more personalised service compared to various other sorts of registration businesses.

If you would like a very desirable or exclusive registration, then private dealers could be the best option - simply because the most wanted number plates have often been traded repeatedly simply because of their level of popularity. Private dealers might have more chance of tracking down your desired registration, and so it's usually worth checking out the types of registrations they may have dealt with in the past. If they have any customer reviews, go through them in order to understand what kind of services they offer and if they're probably going to be able to help you with your requirements.

As a way to pick which private supplier you would like to deal with, it may perhaps be worth checking the different organisations which most dealers are going to be registered with. There are lists of these sorts of associations online.

Many dealers list their current number plates on online auctions where you'll be able to bid for a plate from your own home. Some of these sites also have registrations from private individuals, therefore you will need to think about the procedure you'd need to follow if you buy from a private seller: the DVLA site tells you all you will have to learn about transferring private registrations, as well as getting a Certificate of Entitlement or a retention document. You can also buy private registration plates as presents, with you being the ‘purchaser' and the person receiving the gift being the nominee.

As with most of the numerous options available for buying private registration plates, private vendors can be found in all sizes and styles, and so you're sure to find a dealer that's going to fill the bill. If you are on the lookout for private car number plates, click here to visit this website for more details.

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